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December 14, 2005

Ayo yo!

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Go to my blogspot please.

Still can’t decide yet, blogspot can modify link but no categories.


Facial Sauna

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Facial Sauna and Inhaler only at RM 29.90 now at Watson.

I was looking for this long ago, but just because of too expensive.

It’s good to use after cleansing, if you want to get rid of black head, or if you want to make sure your treatment products is well absorb when pores open.

I tried it with the NaPca Mist (NaPca has  in our body to maintain skin moisture, but as age getting ‘+’, we loss it too, can see it obviously comparing kids and adult), so I think the teory may work. Instead of using water for steaming, I use it with NaPca, so I can open up my pores at the same time replanishing my NaPca 🙂 sounds good ho? ( 🙂 in my own world now 🙂 )

Grab it now !

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Went to Sasa last week, discoverd a cheap (value for money) and good mask. grab it quickly, promo ends Dec, Norma price RM 9.90 noe at RM 4.90. Cettua Collegen mask.

I’m constantly looking for beauty products coz in the same line. Company just launched a new mask. So I was survey the market see anything similar. Our mask is cheaper than SK-X, so want to know anything cheaper and good too.

I bought a few to try out.

Activa – (-4) – ingrediants look ok,( oil freebu, alcohol free, pH 5.5) but after trying it, effect not as good, mask’s texture and material is too thin to maintain moist, too thin. The mask dries up only after 10-15mins.

Acaci (-3) – same as above, but not stated (o,a free and pH level), mask texture and thinkness slightly better than Activa.

Cettua (4) – Made in Korea, Mask texture and thickness good, after putting on about 30 mins, can still feel the moist. I’ve tried it at night, the next morning when I washed my face, I can feel my face are full and supple. (try it)

If putting on a product, stinking feeling persist for more than 5 mins, meaning you are not suitable for this products.

Of cause, i can’t promise you the products philosophy like my company ‘All of the good, nne of the bad’ la. But looking at the price, worth it lo!

Instant masque is especially good if you are in hurry. A quick fix 🙂

December 11, 2005

Dad (2)

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2 weeks after dad has his mild stroke, have been going to acupuncture every morning.

He was a good ‘boy’ when just happen, but this week he starts his old patent oledi.

Just had dinner, guess what mum cooked ? ‘Zhu Jiao’ (pork leg), and he was having his good time, I wonder why human being forget ‘pain’ so easily? or it was not pain enough.

White bread, White rice, Planta, Peanut butter, Pork leg, Biscuit (can finish in a day), I don’t know what else is coming.

I’m tired keep telling not to eat this, not to eat that. I think I have the feeling of ‘Heart broken’, I felt kind of helpless.

Fish (my youngest bro) came on last Mon stay till Thu, he was telling me ‘aya! er jie, they are old oledi, let them be la, what else can we do ?’ “Helpless”

Taking good care of ourself, put ourself in Good Health is a responsibility to our love one, is a form of love. Being healthy so we can take care of our young children, our parent. Being healthy so that our children do not need to worry about us.

I do not mind fetching dad for his treatment daily, i can take care of them if anything happen, but i just cannot take it when he is not doing what he suppose to, ‘taking care himself’

November 27, 2005


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Techmui sms me this morning, saying that Dad is not feeling well, coming back with mom today. I have a feeling must be related to his HBP and Cholestrol, but just have a feeling do not want to ask too much.

When Dad called me before arrival, heard a diffrent tone over other end, was thinking..(luckily just soar throat)

When saw dad, he looks ok. But when I heard him speak, I know he is not ok.

I was calm, ask a few questions and told him : ” Ba, you have mild stroke” Suggested acupuncture, not open. Then suggested University Hospital, but he refused, then we went to another Chinese Sin sei, during the journey, told him that mild stroke can still be cure but must cure it as early as possible. After a second thought, he changed his mind. Immediately, we go to UH.

Registered at Emergency ward at RM 20. A young doctor checked and said everything OK, But suggested ECG, while dad is having ECG, Young Doc asked again some question, later requested Medical Doctor have another check.

Waited for about 30 mins, MD came, very experience, checked confirm with mild stroke, checked ECG then put Dad on CT Scan. No blood clog after Scan. Dad told to go back for a full check-up, take extra precaution to prevent second attack.

And we left.

Actually, I was preparing this moment. Coz Dad never control his diet habit. All this while, I’m so worry this will happen, but when this happen, I was just thinking of what to do next, just keep praying to god, show me the way. Dad was cool, his calmness and alertness save him too.

Baby’s Birthday

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A week before birthday

Baby : mummy, where are we going on my birthday ?

Me : hmm…what do you like ? Is Swensens good ?

Baby : OK, OK . can I invite Nicole also ? and Jasmine ?

Me : OK.

Baby : er..How bout Poon Jon ?

Me : Wow! In that case you will need to invite Poon Cass and Jane too…hmm….ok la, ok la, up to you. O, yimama’s twins birthday too.

Two days before birthday

Baby : Mummy, when are you bring me to buy birthday gift ?

Me : Hah! still want birthday gift a ? I thought just Swensens ? !!! Bi a…why not you choose either one lo, ok ?

Baby : …..Daddy will have both for me.

Me : Ya, I know…OK, why not this way, I buy a nice cake and you just invite them come over for cake and mama’s meehoon, after you guys have some fun at home, then we go to Mid Valley’s Toy’r’us for your gift ?

Baby : .. OK

(My baby now 12 lo..)

Yo! Why so big ?

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Why suddenly the smiley so big ? I do not know 😕 what is wrong with wordpress? OK, at least, they just want to make sure everyone is happy.

November 22, 2005

My Son, My Girl and My baby

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UPSR Results

Me : ok! let’s go! so girl, what are you expecting ?

My Girl : don’t know 😛

My Son : hmm…I guess 2 As

My Baby : 🙂


My Girl : mummy….one A only….:-[

Me : Not too bad ! you have all B too, BM and maths good too. ok, I’m happy with your result. Cheer up 😉

My Baby : 🙂 ja ja can go to form 1.

My Son : I had 3 As 😉 better than you..

Me : Big Deal ! pls look at ‘now’. (Must take care of her feeling la). OK! lets celebrate for ja ja, we go to Sunway now.

(hmm…..I realize my requirement actually very low le!)

November 10, 2005

OK I got it :-)

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😉 i logging to another blog. got the hang of it now.

Was just thinking this morning, (o! yerterday haven’t blog yet), now see my tech-soh sis ‘jia yiu’ (add oil) oledi.

Do know what to write ma! first time ma!

Yerterday, hear a story from Hong Kong famous author – Cai Lan : Was once while he was on his flight back to HK, he was having his wine and turbulent happened, but he was still steadily having his wine like nothing happen, a european guy sat next to him felt uneasy bout this and throwed him “You’ve been to death?” He replied ” I live before” Cool…right? this make me ponder, and I asked myself.

Wah! so fast

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Wa! my sis (I call her Tech Soh = Aunty Tech) respond so fast, I was setting up my blog and i saw her name in my contributors, thought i type in accidently 🙂
How do I change my Links ?

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